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Canadian Cancer Trials Group Fellows Receive ASCO Merit Awards

Drs Lesleigh Abbott and Maria Bonomi, Fellows at Canadian Cancer Trials Group's Central Operations and Statistics Office, have both received 2014 ASCO Merit Awards.

Dr. Maria Bonomi
The association of treatment-emergent proteinuria (TEP) with baseline/treatment variables in patients (pts) treated with antiangiogenic tyrosine kinase inhibitors (AA-TKIs): A pooled analysis of NCIC Clinical Trial Group (Canadian Cancer Trials Group) trials (Abstract #11126)
Authors: Maria Bonomi (ASCO Merit Award Recipient), Hao Xu, Scott Andrew Laurie, Elizabeth A. Eisenhauer, Dongsheng Tu, Joseph L. Pater, Lesley Seymour, Penelope Ann Bradbury


Dr. Lesleigh Abbott
Accrual of adolescents and young adults with cancer to eligible clinical trials: A report from the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (Canadian Cancer Trials Group) (Abstract #6543)
Authors: Lesleigh S. Abbott (ASCO Merit Award Recipient), Annette E. Hay, Corey Willman, Alison Urton, Joseph L Pater, Janet Dancey

About ASCO Merit Awards:
Merit Awards will be awarded to fellows and residents whose research is addressed in high-quality abstracts submitted to the Annual Meeting and recognized for its scientific merit. Recipients of Merit Awards are honored with the opportunity to present their abstract at the Annual Meeting and to receive up to $1,500 in monetary support, complimentary registration for the Annual Meeting, and access to Meeting hotel reservation blocks reserved for ASCO members.