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2014 Annual Spring Meeting

The Canadian Cancer Trials Group 2014 Annual Spring Meeting of Participants will be held May 2-4, 2014 at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel in Toronto.


Full-Funded invitations were sent electronically February 6, 2014.

Non-Funded invitations were sent electronically February 14, 2014.

Nominations will be sent to Centre Representatives the 1st week of March.

Registration and Meeting Information

Registration is now open. Travel and hotel information, a draft Schedule of Events, and our meetings policies, including the Invitation Policy, Registration Policy, and Travel Reimbursement Policy, are posted on the Spring Meeting 2014 Registration and Information website. Please see this link ... Please see this link ...

All Meeting Participants should review this information carefully so they are clear on the type of invitation they have received and the funding support associated with their invitation.

Meeting Activities

Back by popular demand, a plenary session will once again be held Friday afternoon. Key trials and speakers will soon be identified. New Canadian Cancer Trials Group Recognition Awards (see item in Bulletin) are also planned building on the success of the initiative started in the IND program last year and will be presented during the plenary session on Friday afternoon. These awards will acknowledge the hard work of our Investigators, CRAs, and Pharmacists (e.g. fastest activating site, most accrual, fastest data submission while still remaining compliant, and so on).

As we close in on the meeting (May 2-4 at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel in Toronto), we will continue to keep you updated on all 2014 Spring Meeting activities in future Bulletins.