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Canadian Cancer Trials Group OV.18 Presented at ECC2013

The results of Canadian Cancer Trials Group OV.18 (MRC ICON6) -- A Randomized Trial of Concurrent Cediranib [AZD2171] (with Platinum-Based Chemotherapy) and Maintenance Cediranib in Women with Platinum-Sensitive Relapsed Ovarian Cancer -- were recently presented as part of the media programme at the 2013 European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam.

Dr. Jonathan Ledermann, Professor of Medical Oncology at UCL Cancer Institute, University College London presented the results of the trial on behalf of investigators, which included the UK (NCRI and SGCTG), Canada (Canadian Cancer Trials Group), Australia/New Zealand (ANZGOG) and Spain (GEICO).

The results of the trial indicate that the time before the tumour started to grow again was extended by an average of 3.2 months. "This sounds like a modest increase but represents about a 30% improvement, with overall survival also increased by a similar amount, to an average of 2.7 months over a two-year period of follow-up," Dr. Lederman said.

To read more about the results of the trial, please use the following link: