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US Government Shutdown

US Government Shutdown

Senior management has been in communication with various groups at the NCI today regarding the US government shutdown. The key message is that essential services will be supported during the shutdown. Canadian Cancer Trials Group conduct and partnership with US cooperative groups on clinical trials will not be affected at this time. Specific information from various offices and branches has been provided below:

Reporting will remain up and running.

Randomizations to US Led Intergroup Trials (CTSU/OPEN)
Randomizations should continue to be directed to Canadian Cancer Trials Group per standard process.

Pharmaceutical Management Branch (PMB)
PMB will continue to operate with reduced staff. If issues are noted by centres regarding ordering processes or agent shipments please route those through the appropriate Study Coordinator who will consult further internally and advise.

NCI US Clinical Trial Monitorint Branch (CTMB)
The Canadian Cancer Trials Group team will continue monitoring per standard process.

Steering Committee Calls & other US Calls
Steering Committee calls and meetings are cancelled until the shutdown is over. Communications are being issued to committees to this effect. This may apply to other NCI committees.

We will continue to communicate as additional information becomes available. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Alison Urton
Group Administrator, Canadian Cancer Trials Group