Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Ethics Regulatory

Web-Based Ethics Utility

There have been a number of requests for clarification regarding aspects of the Ethics Utility (

Not all trials are included in the utility; only trials that were open or on hold as of 2006JAN01 or that opened after 2006JAN01 are included. If you have questions about trials that closed prior to 2006JAN01, please contact your centre-specific Ethics Research Associate.

After logging in, users can access a real-time view of all documents required and submitted for each trial in which they are involved. Or, in lieu of ethics reminders, EREPs, CENREPs, ECRAs, and PCRAs can also view a report of all outstanding documentation for all trials in which they are involved by clicking on the "View Trials and Overdue Reports" button and by selecting their centre code.

You may also wish to read the Ethics Utility User¿s Guide ( which may answer questions regarding interpretation of acronyms found in the utility.

Please feel free to contact your centre-specific Ethics Research Associate with any questions or feedback that you may have.