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CTCAE v4.0 Booklets

CTEP is reprinting CTCAE v4.0 booklets, but they will not be available until this Summer/Fall. The booklets are free and centres will be able to order their own. However, please do not order or make inquiries to CTEP about these booklets until you are notified by Canadian Cancer Trials Group, via this Bulletin, that they are available at which time details for ordering will also be provided.

The categories of this version of the CTCAE are MedDRA categories for System Organ Class and are very different from the previous version (v3.0). The easiest and quickest way to find a term is by using the search (Find) function of the electronic version which can be found at: The CTCAE v4.0 can be downloaded and printed from this same email location.

Questions about this can be directed to Bryn Fisher at 613-533-6430 or