Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Ethics Regulatory

Web-Based Ethics Utility and Ethics Reminders

The web-based ethics utility has been updated. Changes include the addition of colour coding to indicate items that are coming due or overdue, and re-arranging the layout for ease of use.

Additionally, as mentioned in the last Bulletin, Canadian Cancer Trials Group is no longer emailing quarterly ethics reminders. Instead, a real-time report showing any documents that are coming due or overdue at the centre is available through the web-based ethics utility. This report is currently accessible to EREPs, CENREPs, ECRAs and PCRAs.

The user guide has been updated to reflect these changes, and can be accessed from the login screen or, once logged in, from the utility's main screen.

Further information can be found in the memo posted on the ethics website at:

Please contact the Ethics Research Associate for your centre if you have any questions or feedback regarding these changes.