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Canadian Cancer Trials Group Welcomes Mr. Scott Sawler

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Scott Sawler has joined the staff of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group in the role of Ethics and Regulatory Manager.

Scott comes to us with an impressive list of credentials. He received his BSc in Chemistry from the University of New Brunswick in 1993, MBA in Pharmaceutical Management from Laval University in 2000, a Master's of Law degree from Osgoode Hall in 2005 and finally, his Degree in Law (L.L.B.) from the University of Ottawa in 2007. Scott's professional experience includes co-owning two independent pharmacies, Manager of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs for the Non-Prescription Drug Manufacturer's Association of Canada, and most recently Project Manager in Regulatory Affairs for Schering-Plough, Canada.

With this training and experience, Scott will bring special expertise to the Group that will greatly assist us in navigating and being compliant with the complex regulatory environment in which we operate.