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EDC - Rave

Roster Office Reminders

To ensure that centres do not experience delays when randomizing patients or accessing specific Canadian Cancer Trials Group resources (e.g. safety reports) over the Christmas holidays, we encourage centres to update trial Participant Lists, and to request website, MANGO (i.e. enrolments) and electronic data capture (EDC) - Medidata Rave access prior to December 14, 2012.

For trials that use EDC, Canadian Cancer Trials Group strongly recommends that centres have more than one individual with full EDC access for randomization and SAE reporting purposes. Anyone wanting to randomize patients to Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials that use EDC must be listed on the trial Participants List and must have an active EDC account. Please note that EDC training must be completed prior to account activation.

The following Canadian Cancer Trials Group trials use EDC: I196, I197, I193, I194, I198, I205, I206, I207, I208, I209, I210, I211, I213, BR26, CE6, CO21, CX5, MA32, OV21, SC23. For all of these trials, MANGO is accessed through EDC.

EDC study account activation forms (SAAF) can be found on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group trial-specific website. All EDC SAAF submissions should be scanned and emailed to , or they can be faxed to 613-533-6511. Please do not copy other CTG Staff or participating Centre Personnel as PIN numbers are highly confidential.

Password Request Form Confidentiality Agreements (PRFCA) can be found on the main page of our website at

Please note that users must be listed on the Trial Participant List in order to gain access to MANGO, websites, safety reports and EDC.

Any questions about this should be directed to .