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Canadian Cancer Trials Group Marketing and Communication Strategy

Canadian Cancer Trials Group organizational reviewers recommended that we develop a marketing and communication strategy. In response, Canadian Cancer Trials Group Central Office has enlisted the heads of Queen's University Marketing and Communications to lead these activities. These individuals have decades of experience including developing Queen's new branding initiative. They have been in touch with the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute to get input on the process prior to moving forward.

The first step towards a strategy is consultation with our membership, so over the spring they will engage with the community across our network via focus group meetings. The end goal is a clear articulation of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group brand in order to provide a revised naming, identity and logo and to have clearer plans for external communications.

The final strategy will completed by the end of the summer and posted on our website.

I thank stakeholder participants in advance and look forward updating you on progress and sharing the strategy with you in a few months.

Janet Dancey, MD, FRCPC
Director, Canadian Cancer Trials Group