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Office of Compliance and Oversight

Changes to the Informed Consent Forms

Compliance Group Informed Consent Form Changes

There have been a couple changes to the Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) posted on the trial web pages.

New ICF Guide for Local Sites

The 'Instructions for Informed Consent Form Development' page will no longer appear as the first page of the Informed Consent Form. This first page, which was primarily directed at consent authors, will be removed. A new document called the 'Informed Consent Form Guide for Local Sites' will be posted on each trial web page under the Consents, on the Current Protocol and Consent tab.

Main and Optional ICFs to be Posted Separately

The main and optional ICFs will no longer be posted as one document on the trial web page. With upcoming new trials and trial modifications, these documents will be posted separately in the usual place, on the Current Protocol and Consent tab.

Please direct any questions about these changes to Jennifer Snyder, Ethics and Regulatory Team Leader ( Thank you!