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Revised Investigator Credentialing Policy

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Policy for Investigator Credentialing (CTG-POL-0011_V9) and the Participants List & Qualified Investigator Delegation of Duties reference document (CTG-REF-0023_V4) have been updated to include recommendations from the Initiative to Streamline Clinical Trials (ISCT) related to the Qualified Investigator and trial-related delegated duties.

Under the revised policy, Canadian Cancer Trials Group's web-based Membership Roster and Participants List utility known as RIPPLE (Roster Interface Program & Participants List Environment), will permit the QI to delegate the task of approving the delegation of trial-related duties to an appropriately qualified individual referred to as the Participant List Delegate (PLD). Institution standard operation procedures should support this process if utilized by the institution. At this time, the PLD role is only applicable to trials in RIPPLE.

The updated policy and reference document (both version dated 2014Nov20), can be found on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group members only website at the following location:

Additional information and FAQs regarding RIPPLE and the PLD role can be found on the Canadian Cancer Trials Group members-only website at the following location:
The recommendations from the ISCT can be found at the following link:

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