Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Office of Compliance and Oversight

Record Retention

The Office of Compliance and Oversight (OCO), in conjunction with the Trial Management Group (TMG), are pleased to announce that the date the records retention requirements are met is now available using the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Permanent Closure Search Utility using this link ...

This includes studies that have met their record retention dates, as well as the dates for those trials that have not yet met the requirements.

This utility serves as the formal notification from Canadian Cancer Trials Group of the date for which the record retention requirements for a given trial have been met. For trials that have met the record retention requirements, records may be destroyed in accordance with local policy.

For more information, please see a memorandum that has been posted on the OCO 'news and updates' web page using this link ...

Should you have any questions regarding record retention, please contact your centre?s Ethics Research Associate via the email address.