Canadian Cancer Trials Group Bulletins

Office of Compliance and Oversight

Trial Status Update Form

The Office of Compliance and Oversight (OCO) has replaced the "Notification of Unreported SAE/SU/IB/PM to Local REB" form with a new "Trial Status Update" (TSU) form. Centres are asked to complete this form once certain milestones in the trial have been met. Once this form has been received, the web-based ethics and safety utilities will accurately reflect the items requiring REB approval at your site (such as safety reports, trial modifications, and annual re-approvals, as applicable).

Further information on the TSU can be found in the Memo posted on the OCO's "News and Updates" webpage. The form can be found on the "Forms and Resources" page using this link ...

Guidance for completing the TSU form is appended to the form itself.

Questions regarding the TSU form and all completed forms should be sent to your centre's Ethics RA.