New CCTG Group Bulletin Format

Looking for your feedback
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We are very pleased to unveil the new CCTG Group bulletin format. We would like your feedback on the new format and any issues with the delivery that you can pinpoint. You can email feedback directly to or complete the feedback survey here:

Below is an overview of the changes that were undertake to update the bulletin.


In late March and early April of this year, three surveys were distributed to our CCTG Group Bulletin audiences. The purpose of the surveys was to gather feedback from the key audiences that receive the bulletin in order to create an informed work-plan for improvements.  The survey feedback along with feedback from senior leadership and information collected in one-on-one interviews formed the basis of the action list of improvements to the current format. 

The general response was positive and the current content and frequency seem to resonate with the target audience. The overwhelming sentiment was that the current layout was not engaging and needed an update.


  • Revised bulletin categories (Group updates, News, Office of the Director, Publications)
  • Switch to Drupal based bulletin pages and email to provide greater integration with current content already available on the website
  • New banner to easily identify bulletin related content
  • New visual layout for web based and email bulletin content that allows for images to be easily added and increase engagement.
  • New Drupal based email delivery system (Simple News) that is integrated with the web content

Objectives of the changes

  • To improve readership and engagement with the target audiences
  • To ensure that group information is shared in a convenient searchable format
  • To make group information easier to access