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Melanie Walker, PhD candidate
Melanie Walker is a doctoral student at Queen's University in Cancer Epidemiology where she also completed her Masters of Science in Community Health and Epidemiology in 2002. Melanie joined the NCIC Clinical Trials Group in 2001 as a Study Coordinator for a radiotherapy trial in head and neck cancer and for an international lung cancer therapy trial. Melanie was appointed as Senior Manager to the Ethics and Regulatory office in 2003 where she was responsible for establishing policies and procedures to ensure the group's compliance with all national and international guidelines and regulations pertaining to the conduct of clinical trials in human subjects. She was also responsible for the management of informed consent review for all trials and developed and oversaw an internal safety desk for the review of adverse events. Her research interests include chemoprevention, molecular epidemiology, risk factors for cancer, clinical trial design and research ethics.  
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